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January Meeting

How to Save First Cost on New and Retrofit Projects, Reduce Annual Energy Consumption,
Reduce Maintenance, and Provide Excellent IAQ Using Needlepoint Cold Plasma Technology
The presentation provides a brief review of ASHRAE 62.1 and how to apply needlepoint cold plasma technology combined with the IAQP which will allow the
reduction of outside air due to the technology’s ability to control gases produced by the building, furnishings and occupants. The method in which cold plasma
reduces particles and also kills mold, bacteria and virus will be discussed.
This discussion focuses on the concept of cleaning the indoor air to a higher degree through the use of air purification to reduce the need for outside air for
dilution of indoor generated contaminants.

A case study will be covered to prove first cost reduction, operational savings and acceptable IAQ are all achieved
employing the IAQ Procedure using needlepoint cold plasma technology.
1. Become familiar with needlepoint cold plasma technology
2. Understand how the technology reduces first costs and annual energy consumption
3. Understand how the technology reduces maintenance and improves IAQ
4. Understand how this technology and methodology complies with ASHRAE 62 and the International Mechanical Code.

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100th Anniversary
Later Event: January 23
ASHRAE Winter Meeting