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March Meeting - DL

Design Build for Green Buildings – Integrated Delivery of an Integrated Idea

Green design and construction is leading the charge of new design approaches in almost every section of the building industry. The successful execution of a green building project, or more specifically a LEED certified project, entails a more integrated approach throughout both the design and construction processes. 

A key component of green design is the merging of the architectural and engineering design effort to yield a more holistic design.  The better the team coordination, the greater the opportunities to deliver a high-performance building.  Another movement in the industry is in project delivery. Design\Build and partnering have become much more commonplace project execution techniques even in public sector projects.  Design\build seeks to gain time and cost efficiencies by merging the lines between design and construction.  Given that both philosophies – green buildings and design\build – have the integration of services at their core, it is only natural that the two would also merge in the delivery of projects.  This program will highlight some of the key ideas, elements and issues that are inherent in both approaches and where and how they interface on a project.