President's Corner - November

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It feels like you can’t flip through an industry magazine without seeing something about integrated project delivery or design-build or any of the other newer project delivery methods that rely on an increased cooperation between designers, construction managers, and contractors. Even in the ol’ design-bid-build scheme, collaboration leads to better results and more efficient use of time and money. 

Currently, based on the self-reporting done on our membership applications, our chapter is 42% consulting engineers, 32% manufacturers and their representatives, 15% contractors and builders, and 11% other. In this case, “other” includes facilities personnel, government employees, utilities, and people who just reported themselves as other. So we certainly have a decent cross section of the types of people involved in the project life cycle. However, we as a chapter are always looking for ways to help foster those relationships. 

This month’s meeting provides just that kind of an opportunity. The Cleveland SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors Association) chapter, in conjunction with the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 33, is welcoming us to the Cleveland Training Center in Parma. They have graciously arranged for the facility to remain open after hours and will have several demo stations running for I got a preview last week with Tom Martin Jr., Cleveland SMACNA president, and John Sindyla, Cleveland SMACNA CEO. Let me tell you, they have some really cool stuff set up there. The can’t-miss part is definitely the test and balance lab, where they have taken the “I’ll take one of everything” approach. From a bank of residential split systems, to VAVs, to chilled beams, there are working samples they use for training purposes that will be up and running for us to see. Between that and the other demos they have, I think everyone will find something to pique their interest. So come and check out the facility, ask lots of questions, and get to know some of the 

We also have a YEA event at the Great Lakes Brewery on Thursday, November 19, at 5:30 pm. We will be taking a tour of the brewery, with some tasty beverages to follow.