President's Corner - February

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I went to my first ASHRAE Conference/AHR Expo this past month, and the first thing that I was confronted with was the sheer size of the event and the amount of things to see. The moment you step into a seminar or get a coffee, you’re missing out on five other things.
There are lots of great seminars, technical committees, and social events that are part of the conference – and then you go next door and get lost at the hundreds of manufacturer’s booths that have set up shop in the convention center.

So much of ASHRAE’s work is done in standing and technical committees that meet at the conference. I met a lot of really smart people who have been experts in their fields for a long time. Have you ever come across something in 90.1 and thought, “I can’t believe that those guys are making me do that”? Well, if you go to these committee meetings, you could become one of those guys.

I went as part of a Society program that assigns someone from each region to shadow the district regional chair and regional members council representative. Many of you probably know Rick Zbin, who is the on his last of three years as DRC. As part of the program, I sat in on the Board of Directors meetings and Members’ Council. It was really interesting to see how ASHRAE is run at a high level. When you are dealing with issues at that level, your local issue that you brought up months before that is being considered could potentially affect how society is run internationally. Also, almost all of the growth in membership is currently outside the U.S., and there is a considerable effort to grapple with how to best develop ASHRAE around the world and how to interface with all the related organizations in each country.

This month, we have a great presentation on HVAC acoustics by one of our distinguished  lecturers.Thanks to Mussun Sales for arranging for Randy to be in town. Acoustics is not one of the first things you think of in a design, but if neglected, it is noticed by all the users. And you will get a phone call. And it will not be simple (or cheap) to fix after the fact.

Hope to see you on Monday.