Complying with Ventilation Code

The Building Officials Conference of Northeast Ohio (BOCONEO) is an organization comprised of building officials, plans examiner, inspectors, fire officials, architects and engineers. Our main purpose is to educate our members in proper code enforcement and develop a better understanding of the various codes and standards. Part of our mission is to reach out to other organizations when we see a potential code change that will affect the work they perform or communicate issues that we come across in the course of our daily duties as code officials.
With the adoption of the 2011 Ohio Mechanical Code, there were changes placed in Section 403, Mechanical Ventilation which updated the outdoor air ventilation requirements so they were consistent with the requirements of ASHRAE 62.1.

Since the time that this change went into effect five years ago, we are still receiving mechanical documents that are not taking into account these requirements. As a plans examiner and moderator for our plans examination roundtable monthly meetings, we have discussed among many plans examiners that only about half the plans that get submitted for review are following the correct method for calculating the outdoor air requirements. In an effort to create better projects and move the plan review process along, BOCONEO wanted to bring this to your organization so that you could discuss this amongst your members and help in the education of those designers who may still be calculating the rates under the old version of the code.

Paul Kowalczyk, BO, MPE, RA
City of South Euclid Building Official
BOCONEO Past President