President's Corner - April

Let me talk to you about building infrastructure...

Is what I say to my 2 year old when she won’t go to sleep. Works like
a charm. To the general public, our industry can certainly fly under
the radar. One sign of a job well done can be never hearing back
about a project ever again after it is done. Another side benefit of
the boom in interest in sustainable building and energy efficiency is
that it has increased the interest in what we do. At the very least I’ve
seen some condensing boilers on This Old House.

That being said, any opportunity to highlight our industry is worth
taking, which is why I would like to use our centennial gala as a way
to draw attention the work that we all do and celebrate some of the
past accomplishments of our members. To do this I would like to give
all of our members who may have a company history, an important
person or project they are particularly proud of an opportunity
to share that. We are going to create 24” x 36” posters from the
submissions of our members and display them at the cocktail hour
of the gala. The posters can then go home with their owners to be
displayed at the office. Hopefully with everyone’s help we can create
a full gallery of posters.

If you have an item that you would like to include, please provide a
high resolution picture and a paragraph description and send it to
our Chapter Historian, Tom House at by May
2nd. I’m looking forward to seeing the submissions.

Other important dates coming up:
April 21 - ASHRAE Webcast at Karpinski Engineering
April 28 - NFL Draft
May 2 - Last day for Ticket Sales to Centennial Gala
May 13 - Centennial Gala at the Tudor Arm Hotel
Jun 7 - Scholarship Golf Outing at Sugerbush