Welcome to the CTTC page for the Cleveland Chapter of ASHRAE. To save you the trouble of asking, CTTC stands for Chapter Technology Transfer Committee and is the combination of the Programs Committee and TEGA (Technical, Energy and Government Activities Committee) the combination of these two committtees happened in 2004 at the society level and that in turn trickled down to us.

The Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) provides efficient and effective transfer of current and relevant information throughout the HVAC&R industry to and from the chapters. CTTC develops and maintains high quality and readily available tools to enable chapters to offer information and attractive industry-related information and programs to all segments within the HVAC&R industry. Now having read this you might ask me, "What's so exciting about CTTC?". Well let me tell you. ASHRAE has over the years positioned itself to become the number one resource in the HVAC industry. It sponsors a great deal of research to be able to keep on top of this goal, in addition to enrolling the volunteer effort of many qualified members.

Most information about TEGA below can be found on the Society Level CTTC webpages, but I would like to highlight a few things that may interest you.

Technology Awards

Its easy just fill out the application short form. If your application makes it to society level you'll need to fill out the long form.

Government Activities

Currently, one of the committee's big goals this year is to strengthen our government activities programs. Take a look at some of the pages for ASHRAE Position Papers

Satellite Broadcasts

  • 2008 -

'''Integrated Building Design: Bringing the Pieces Together to Unleash the Power of Teamwork'''
April 16, 2007
1:00 - 4:00 P.M. EDT
Open by Invitation Only
More Information

Socitety CTTC Newsletter

CTTC Newsletter Annual Meeting Issue 2005-2006

Technical Committees

The best way to get involved in ASHRAE on a society level is to join a technical committee (TC) or task group (TG). The involvement can be as much as a voting member to as little as a corresponding member, I would recommend the later for starters. Changes to committee membership occur only once a year. To be considered for technical committee membership you must do the following prior to November 1 for membership beginning the next July 1: Notify the Manager, Research and Technical Services of your interest in a particular TC and Update or file a current Biographical Record Form. Notification of acceptance to a TC is mailed prior to the Annual Meeting. Participation opportunities within a TC or TG include standards, research, program, journal/insights and handbook. Contact the chairman of the committee you're interested in to find out where you can contribute.